Monday, 9 October 2017

Sci fi troops in cold weather gear. 15mm GZG?

I found an odd tray with these little fellas in it.Some how they never made it to the sacrificial altar in the loft where a million little  beings await the lead god's pleasure. In their off-white parkas, I thought they would make good arctic fighters  or but without skis or pack I thought a cold weather idea would suit better. Also I have no polar / ice world terrain so I didn't want to have these with winter bases.

I tried adding a little Woodlands Scenics snow to the bases in patches with the idea of showing melting frost, but it didn't work. They just look shite. I imagined how the area just around the tufts of grass would be clear of frost but I wasn't up to the job.  Next time I will  use plaster, leaving little circles clear  and pop in the tufts after it's dried. I had used this material before on a diorama showing a  vehicle on a road with melting snow, and that that worked a treat. But not this time. Maybe next time.

Grass tuft frenzy, Das anuses and chaos warriors

Had a little experiment with some DAS and a collection of grass tufts to make some shell craters. As you can see the results are a  bit primitive and although I checked out some shell craters on google, these look more like anuses!  They curled a little as they dried, so I might try forming them onto  mdf round bases in the future. I could also add some muddy water in the centres. I'll try to remember for next time.

I tried out some larger tufts on my Naps Bats bases as being 20mm figures on 25mm bases there is a lot of spare room. I picked up a few different manufacturers' tufts, and whilst I liked the sheets that had various sizes and shapes  all together, in terms of actually using them, they're pretty much all the same. at least now my Bavarian and Prussian reservists have something to cower behind.

These are my latest ( originally  I wrote 'lastest' - I hope that's  not phrophetic!) chaos troops, liberally festooned with grass. Not only does it hide  litttle errors with the ground-work but it's also quicker than glueing static grass everywhere. I've added the chaos warriors here to the DBA -  Hott link  on the right.


Monday, 4 September 2017

Fahnentrager, 9th Prussian Infanterie Regt. (Reserve) 1813

A great boon  for me  of being on a forum is the occasional impetus that arises from  various group builds and duels. I was  a littler foolhardy to launch during a busy time into another duel on Bennos Figure Forum. As is usual for me  everything was completed last minute and I really enjoyed taking a loose approach to painting.

Now I'm looking forward to  doing some better photos, getting some backdrops painted and  painting another  box or two to join this fellow. 
Thanks for stopping by :)

DBA 'Big Battle' Hungarians versus Mediaeval Germans

Had a great evening's game, playing double DBA, using cards rather than dice. Each player had 24 cards  (4 sets of 1-6) and I felt the game was much more fun than with dice.  See the DBA link on the right for more details and pics.

The pic shows the Hungarian knights - bottom centre -  about to crash into my Crossbows. The Hungarian C in C is already gnashing at my mercenary pikes but about to come unstuck :)

Friday, 23 June 2017

1/300 - 6mm Middle Eastern Fort

Far away in the mists of time I found three Middle Eastern buildings which looked ideal for 1/300 / 6mm gaming. A few years ago I got round to grafting them onto polystyrene hill pieces and there they they languished long enough to gather a few millimetres of dust. With a new found enthusiasm to tidy up and make sense of the chaos in the loft, I've finally finished one of the buildings which I guess I can use for Iberia, Sicily, North Africa and anywhere else with Islamic influence.

At present, in this scale, I have modern Iraqi, Syrian and Jordanian forces, or Napoleonic Ottomans that might fit period-wise. If anyone out there knows where this building is really from - I'd love to hear :)

Monday, 5 June 2017

15mm mechs

Just added a couple of photos of some cheap plastic mechs to the sci-fi pages as I try to clear some space in the workroom for another project.

I haven't tied these to any particular species or faction but I'll play test them with the GRASP ruleset and see how they perform.

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Polish mine layers Jaskolka Class 1/3000 Navwar

More fun today experimenting with sea effect bases as I completed six boats from the Jaskolka class as part of my WW2 Polish fleet -

Using the GRASP rules, these are created as 'engineer' units which allows them to modify areas of terrain, making them difficult and often dangerous to traverse. 

Source Polish Navy Site

The profile above by Bartelski shows a medium grey finish which I think matches the picture below.

Source Ivan Gogin

There is another source showing  a much darker finish:

Original Source Not Known

There is also the following picture which shows a model with a two-tone grey finish and armour cladding: 

Since these ships served over a longish period, with the last one was decommissioned in 1970, I guess there was plenty of opportunity for variation over theatre of service and time. As for their fate - to quote Gogin (2009-16) 

 'Jaskółka and Czapla were sunk by German aircraft 14/9/1939 at Jastran. Mewa and Rybitwa were sunk 3/9/1939 by German aircraft at Hel naval base. They were salvaged by Germans in November, 1939 and renamed Putzig and Rixhoft. In 1940 they were converted to torpedo retrievers and renamed TFA9 and TFA8 respectively. Czajka was captured by German troops at Westerplatte and commissioned by Kriegsmarine as TFA11. In May, 1945 TFA8, 9 and 11 surrendered at Kiel and in 1946 returned to Poland. Żuraw was captured by German troops in October, 1939 and commissioned by Kriegsmarine as Oxhoft. After war she was also returned to Poland.' Ivan Gogin

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Polish Submarine Class Orzel and Wilke - navwar 1/3000

The Orzel (eagle)  Class subs saw some service during WW2 with the British and having found a great online history of the Polish naval forces during  the war, I'm quite keen to get some British ships so I can play some of the battles. By far the smallest 1/3000 boats I've painted so far (not including the 1/10,000 scale Jutland fleet I abandoned years ago) I have some trouble telling  front from back!

 I also squeezed in three Wilke Class subs which I think were used for mine-laying amongst other duties. 

Between them the Polish subs seem to have had mixed fortunes, one at least sadly lost to a British minefield laid on its route after it had left port. Sounds like one hand didn't know what the other was doing! Even this sad event can be replicated in the rules I use as patches of 'difficult' and often dangerous terrain can be discovered and stumbled into.  Some Jasolka class minelayers are next up, so thanks for looking. ;)

Friday, 2 June 2017

Missing Pictures :( Saved!

 Sorry but a few of my pictures (mostly scifi)  have gone missing and it will take me a while to replace them. I will gradually work through the 60 odd posts. Thanks for your patience. -

Found most of them on Google Archives -  I didn't even know it existed or what it was for! - I went merrily through it last week deleting stuff! That's why my pics disappeared! Adding them back over the next few days.

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

USSR modern naval ships Navwar 1/3000

I really enjoyed painting these as I like the look of the brick red decks. There are 4 x Udaloy class ships, 3 x Sovremenny, 2 x Krivak 3, one Slava and one Kirov. I realise some of these are retired now or in service with smaller navies or  home built copies but I will be searching out some more modern Soviet ships in the future.


Not a great picture but it looks like one hell of a warship. I will find a Helix or similar to decorate the helo deck and  perhaps some hull numbers too.

krivak 3

I wonder if any of the Krivaks are still serving? These are the III model used by the KGB.


Damn! Just realised I need to do the base edges! So disorganised... Any way , these are the Sovremenny Class, I'm sure some of these are still in service somewhere.

Udaloy Class

The last of my Soviet fleet for the time being, these Udaloys already have helos cast onto the decks. I will try and find my  punch and die set and make some rotor discs for them. hopefully it won't be too long before I get to play them and then I'll add some battle reports.

Thanks for looking.

US Modern Naval 1/3000 Warships Navwar

In an uncharacteristic display of focused activity, I've managed to finish something that I've started.
Now I've got a method sorted for painting these little ships I did the Soviets en masse. In addition to completing the US fleet with the Tarawa, Nimitz and Cimarron (all now retired I think) there's a brace of Bunker Hills.

Tarawa -  awaiting deck markings

So the Tarawa is more or less finished. I need to  complete the deck markings once I've found my masking tape, although the helicopter landing circles might be better as decals. I've no idea whether I can find some in my spares as it seems no-one does markings for them. After that I'd like to pop some helos on deck.

Nimitz CV

I gave the deck markings on the Nimitz a fiar bash but I wasn't happy with the results so this to is waiting for masking tape, decals and some aircraft to clutter the decks up. I picked a parcel including some S3A Vikings (one of my favourite jets), so in the future I'll get  6 of these separated from their bases and plopped onto the deck.

 the Cimarron will work with my fleet as a supply unit. I suspect this is  retired too, although there is a 'stretched' Cimarron that might be fun to have. You can see the wonky hand painted helo deck. I'm struggling as to how noone has picked up on the potential sales opportunity!

Bunker Hill Class
 The Bunker Hills are the last of my US fleet until I can find a supplier of the more recent classes, I will need to buy a few packs of helos and aircraft to finish the fleet off. I will start a new blog section on the right hand side of the page as I've also picked up some 1/2000 Ancient ships by Navwar, some Napoleonic ships by Navwar and Langton,some 1/2000 ACW ships by Navwar and a mixture of WW2 stuff.

Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

USS Knox Class Modern US Naval 1/3000th NAvwar

Having completed the Spruance, Arleigh Burke, Ohio , Los Angeles, Ticonderoga ships and now the Knox Class ships from the NAvwar Modern USA fleet pack, I am left with 2 Oliver Hazard ships, the Cimarron Oiler, USS Tarawa and the CV Nimitz. I hoping to pick up some aircraft from ebay in the next week or so so I can decorate the helo flight decks and install a few aircraft on the Nimitz too. In the meantime, here are the Knox class ships..

Knox class frigates
The Nimitz is underway but waiting for my masking tape to resurface so I can complete the deck markings. Given she is the oldest serving US carrier I can't imagine she'll be around for much longer.
Nimitz in preparation

Monday, 15 May 2017

USS Bunker Hill Ticonderoga Class 1/3000 Navwar Modern Naval USA

So maybe there's only two years before these start getting decommissioned, but that's two years of good gaming time before I need to get their replacements painted.

 So here are Navwar's USS Bunker Hill models along with six Boeing AWACS I've painted this morning. The AWACS are split between the USA, NATO and Japan. I'm about to start two Knox family ships but since they are  no longer active ( another redundant set from  Navwar fleet pack) my enthusiasm is a little short. One useful thing I discovered from painting the Bunkers however is that I prefer a soft tone wash as on the Arleighs and Spruances to the dark tone wash I used on the bunkers.

Thanks for looking :)

Friday, 12 May 2017

1/3000th Modern US naval Arleigh Burke Class

Slowly working out a system to paint these as I find out what works for me and what doesn't. The  two I've sqeezed in today  seem to me  a little improved on  my earlier Spruance Class ships. Slightly more aggressive with the highlights and the shading  wash is helping the models to pop a little more.

These are today's  Arleigh Burke Class ships. I've looked at numerous photos and the shades seems to change in every picture.

Then the Arleigh burkes on the left compared to  the earlier Spruances on the right...

Probably  more tomorrow as a have a rare day off and (good light prevailing) a long and fruitful painting day :)

Thanks for looking.

Thurn und Taxis fictional Napoleonics 20mm Artillery

As a warm up for a renewed burst of modelling and wargaming activity I tried the well established practice of creating a a fictional force. Given I have thousands of bases of figures for the Napoleon's Battles system I decided to stick with that basing system since, although I am more likely to use my own GRASP rules (beta free and available for download on the right of the page) the GRASP system will accommodate any basing style and I won't be stuck with years  of costly rebasing. So utilising some AWI figures to reflect  the Alte Ordnung der Artilleristen (?) I had a bit of fun.

Having looked at some old pic and stamps for Thurn und Taxis I can see that Yellow Ochre might have been a better colour for the Artillery but I'm pretending the newer field pieces, at least, are a present from their French allies.

Navwar 1/3000 Soviet and US Modern naval Spruance, Los Angeles, Ohio

A nice package of figures arrived from Navwar last week - A battle-pack  for  modern US naval forces and a selection I made of Soviet ships to augment those I already have. I get the feeling that with the demise of Devian figures there's no-one currently making up to date naval stuff in 1/3000th. After I had cleaned up and based the castings I decided to start with the US subs - Ohio and Los Angeles classes. Next in line were the Spruance class ships, so after a good search  for pics on the web I had a go at them.

Work desk overflowing with  ships

After achieving something which I was happy with (although I can see much room for improvement) I set off to find out what had happened to them since the Gulf War only to discover that before 2000 they had all been retired! I was slightly deflated to realise that not only are the current  figure manufacturers seriously lagging and that their fleets are in serious need of modernisation but that if I want up-to date fleets, unless I'm prepared to pay the comparatively high cost that 3D printers are asking for their models, I might need to do some scratch building. I guess I can still simulate conflicts up until and including the nineties, but I need to rethink if I want to explore the hypotheticals.

My now redundant Spruance Class
 I do understand that costs of new models have to be offset by sales. Perhaps there's not enough interest in this scale and genre to justify the cost of new masters and moulds. I also  understand only too well how fast the years pass and  the nineties may be recent history to many. But these ships were retired 20 years ago. Time the battle packs were updated I think and if I can make a castable master I'd be happy to let someone cast them up for sale.'If you want something done - do it yourself' comes to mind.

I think at least the Los Angeles are still in service

I suspect the Ohio Class will be around for a while yet

Thursday, 4 May 2017

1/300 micro modern NATO aircraft plus Israeli

Not technically NATO but an ex-USA aircraft, I painted this F14  as the IRAF version.

I guess this is obsolete by now. I don't imagine I'll ever get round to building forces for Iran.

I think these Israeli F15s are also unlikely to support a ground offensive. I might re-badge these for the USA.

Somewhere I managed to find the US were still using these ( might have been ten years ago though) I decided i couldn't do without the refualling probe so i scratched one up plus some fual tanks and an AA missile on the starboard wing.

I think an F14 in the older scheme would look better but then I wouldn't be able to play 'Blair's Desert Adventure' with it. And for added ground support...

Now entirely obsolete, this was still carefully guarded high-tech when I painted this F-111 up.

Harier GR mk3
Something to keep my Argentinian A4 Skyhawk busy.

More obsolete stuff, but I guess handy if i want to go back and refight the old Cold War. Two luftwaffe F4s.

That's all for  my modern aircarft -  thanks for looking :)

1/300th Modern Aircraft Soviet and Non-nato

Long ago and far away in the distance of time and space I lived in Edinburgh. As a naive 20 something I found myself in wargames show no doubt arranged by the local club. I remember a large bearded chap selling me some Soviet Micro-modern  rocket launchers as I fondled a Soviet attack helicopter, insisting with all the arrogance of youth that despite  the manufacturer telling me what it was, it was in fact something different! Of course I was wrong and I am reminded of  the gentleman's patience with this foolish youth. No doubt he knew that the customer is always right especially if they are determined to part with their cash. Given the locale I suspected it was  Scotia Micromodels from whom I purchased my Kamov KA 50 but I cannot find either the rocket launchers or the Kamov on their site. Perhaps it was Heroics and Ros,  perhaps I will never find out. So here are some of my fairly old modern aircraft all of which would benefit from a repaint:

Ka 50
 I think these would benefit from a spray primer and using an airbrush for the camo, Brushwork just looks untidy when you're cack-handed and working too quickly.

One of my first modern aircraft - Hind D
I think this is wearing the colours of an Angolan Hind for my forces in  Southwest Africa


MiG 25s are a pain to catch and make  good top cover deterrents for my Soviet forces- which is why I've got two...

another foxbat

I didn't know what to do with my Skyhawk; thank goodness for the Falklands conflict though I don't ever imagine wanting to refight it.

Mig 21
An Iraqi mig,perhaps  suitable for the Iran-Iraq conflict, but unlikely ever to see action on my table.

Mig 23
 Might have been more useful to paint this up a Syrian given the current shenanigans in the Middle east.

mig 23

And another example in Cuban colours

Mig 21
 And a Cuban  MiG, what-if  the cuban missile crisis had gone extra hot?

Yak 28L
I can't find any evidence of this aircraft being supplied to Syria  or any of the Arab league. I wonder what I was thinking of. Now obsolete, I wonder who should get ownership of this?