Friday, 20 April 2018

Kallistra Space dreadnought 3000 ships

Its been a while since Ive made any real progress on my own projects.  Although Ive been recollecting 15mm sci fi for a couple of years,  it was at the last Warfare show that I picked up a couple of 1/3000 scale space fleets from the Kallistra stand. I think I paid less £15  per fleet and that was for  eight ships and metal stands , which I thought was a very reasonable price.  I picked up the Quellaris fleet and the Altaran fleet and got a free set of the  rules thrown in! Thank you :)

So, having  not painted any tiny spaceship since the mid -eighties ( I have half a dozen spaceships bought from Esdevium games whilst I was still at school) I took a fairly conservative approach to painting this new batch.

Behold! The fleet of  the Quellarians!

As you can see, I didn't stop with painting a few ships... oh no..
Some months before , without knowing why, I bought a pack of various sized polystyrene balls from a craft retailer. Once I'd purchased my ships I then realised what the balls were for ! Planets! Set to with the poly cement to make an asteroid or two, followed by a lovely  6 x 4 ft  space matt from A & B games across the road and I'm all set for interstellar chaos.

Shortly, thereafter, followed the Altaran fleet. who will save us from the Altaran onslaught? Aaaaaah!

A couple of hotwheels 'Star wars'  and  some plastic fighters and bases from E4M I think, plus another session making 22 planets of various sizes and colours ( thanks to my  daughter for the nail varnish for the  swirly enamelling ) and I am ready to rock and roll. Mission accomplished :)

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