Tuesday, 19 June 2018

A few 6mm Napoleonics Russo -Turkish - Balkans 1812

A couple of draft shots of some 6mm Nappies,  Irregular I think. They were originally French but with a green coat  I couldn't tell the difference! I hoping to  refight some of the battle from the Balkans once my General de Brigade (no. 4) scenario book arrives. I don't play GdB but the scenarios are supposed to be generic so I can adapt them to Naps Battles  or my own Grasp rules.  Damn, that reminds me! I was seduced  by the Amazon credit card which offered me £10 off if I completed the application! I haven't had a credit card in eight years  or so. I hope I'm a little more disciplined than I was in my previous incarnation otherwise I will shortly be drowning in a sea of lead and rules!

Thinking of purchases for the future -  a  tripod mount for my camera would be useful if I'm going to get  some better pics.

These are my first batch of Russian infantry. No particular regiments at the moment -  experimenting with  the close and looser order looks to see which I prefer. I'm tempted to try the close formations but without the long flock - looks a bit scruffy.

Sorry for the blutrry shot - I('ll update this asap. At the front - Ottoman fellahin taken from Irregular's renaissance range. Below, a base of Janissaries with a couple of Nizam Jedid, not sure if they would have  brigaded together ( can  I used Brigade as a verb?) but I'll find out when my book arrives :)

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