Monday, 9 October 2017

Grass tuft frenzy, Das anuses and chaos warriors

Had a little experiment with some DAS and a collection of grass tufts to make some shell craters. As you can see the results are a  bit primitive and although I checked out some shell craters on google, these look more like anuses!  They curled a little as they dried, so I might try forming them onto  mdf round bases in the future. I could also add some muddy water in the centres. I'll try to remember for next time.

I tried out some larger tufts on my Naps Bats bases as being 20mm figures on 25mm bases there is a lot of spare room. I picked up a few different manufacturers' tufts, and whilst I liked the sheets that had various sizes and shapes  all together, in terms of actually using them, they're pretty much all the same. at least now my Bavarian and Prussian reservists have something to cower behind.

These are my latest ( originally  I wrote 'lastest' - I hope that's  not phrophetic!) chaos troops, liberally festooned with grass. Not only does it hide  litttle errors with the ground-work but it's also quicker than glueing static grass everywhere. I've added the chaos warriors here to the DBA -  Hott link  on the right.


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