Monday, 9 October 2017

Sci fi troops in cold weather gear. 15mm GZG?

I found an odd tray with these little fellas in it.Some how they never made it to the sacrificial altar in the loft where a million little  beings await the lead god's pleasure. In their off-white parkas, I thought they would make good arctic fighters  or but without skis or pack I thought a cold weather idea would suit better. Also I have no polar / ice world terrain so I didn't want to have these with winter bases.

I tried adding a little Woodlands Scenics snow to the bases in patches with the idea of showing melting frost, but it didn't work. They just look shite. I imagined how the area just around the tufts of grass would be clear of frost but I wasn't up to the job.  Next time I will  use plaster, leaving little circles clear  and pop in the tufts after it's dried. I had used this material before on a diorama showing a  vehicle on a road with melting snow, and that that worked a treat. But not this time. Maybe next time.

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