Sunday, 10 June 2012

Vintage 25mm Greek Hoplites

Greeks in Column
Just finishing off some old  Greek hoplites that have been hanging around for ages. One of them had lost a head, so I replaced it with a resin cast 'Amazon ' head, only to find a spare figure a week later. Another round of tidying in the magic cave of wonder ( a.k.a. the loft ) revealed a packet of 40mm spears (Foundry), ideal for the  2 metre spears they would have carried, but not as nice as the Warlord  examples I was originally going to use. With most of the figures holding their spears horizontally, it was going to be difficult to arrange them so they could all  form up together in column. With some faffing I managed to sort them out into compatible 2-deep pairs which could then mesh  as a full column although some of them are at risk of  killing the guys in front :(

I spent over 40 quid yesterday on Dutch plate leaf (fake gold) and some new gilt finishes to try and improve the look of the polished bronze armour on future figures. On these ones I used a mix of  gold metallic acrylics with various brown,  yellows and whites added to  form highlights and shadows. I'm not entirely convinced. I also used  Little Big Men Studios 20mm Hoplite  transfers, with some Noch grass clumps and scatter to make wild flowers. Spears are all painted up, just  need to find three swords and Ill post a close up.

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