Friday, 12 May 2017

Thurn und Taxis fictional Napoleonics 20mm Artillery

As a warm up for a renewed burst of modelling and wargaming activity I tried the well established practice of creating a a fictional force. Given I have thousands of bases of figures for the Napoleon's Battles system I decided to stick with that basing system since, although I am more likely to use my own GRASP rules (beta free and available for download on the right of the page) the GRASP system will accommodate any basing style and I won't be stuck with years  of costly rebasing. So utilising some AWI figures to reflect  the Alte Ordnung der Artilleristen (?) I had a bit of fun.

Having looked at some old pic and stamps for Thurn und Taxis I can see that Yellow Ochre might have been a better colour for the Artillery but I'm pretending the newer field pieces, at least, are a present from their French allies.


  1. I admire your painting on these figures and their bases too.
    One can never ever have to much Napoleonic Artillery. BB

  2. Hi Paul, I would happily play a game just exchanging artillery fire across the table. Not sure my opponents would enjoy it so much! Thank you for your comment.