Sunday, 9 December 2012

Royalist Forces for South American Wars of Liberation - Battle of Huaqui 1810

The South American Wars of Liberation saw the Spanish governed regions using units raised from the population stiffened with Spanish troops on colonial service. 

From Mirage -  the Royalist Ferdinand VII Regt with the Abancay Regt. formed in front.

Welcome to the Tinta Dragoons, my first cavalry unit for the Royalists, painted up from Bavarian Light Dragoons from Lancashire games...

I've also bought extra Top-hatted militia to swap heads with French Chasseurs a Cheval. They 'll be the next cavalry units for the Royalists, plus the Artillery, also with tophat conversions.

Lastly are a couple of command bases modeled roughly on the generals from John Fletcher's Liberators! book...

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