Sunday, 23 December 2012

15mm Patriots - Battle of Huaqui

Formed of troops raised by local juntas in opposition to Spanish puppet government, the Patriot forces are a real mixed bag of chaps. Variously uniformed and equipped throughout the conflict it can be  fun trying to  chop and swap  15mm  heads and arms to get the right look to the units. Most challenging has been those Patriot units who took to the field without firearms! Try finding enough unarmed figures in uniform to field a couple of regiments!

AB miniature lovely 18mms.
Orenoros Fusiliers, Pardos de Cardoba Fusiliers
Pardos de Cardoba Fusiliers and Chuquisaca Grenadiers

From a  Polish manufacturers Mirage -Austrian range. Here is the 6th Infantry Regt. 

Patriot 6th Infantry Regt
Next a bit of a hash up,  I needed uniformed troops without firearms so I cobbled together some Officers and standard bearers to make sword and spear armed infantry for the Patriot Reserve Infantry Regt...

Now for some Cavalry...

So here are the Cochabamba Cavalry ( Until such time as I replace them!)

Next, the 1st Regt. of the Reserve Cavalry

and the Patria Dragoons...

Last but not least for now , is the Command element for the Patriot forces, based on a general  from Fletcher's Libertors! book...

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