Wednesday, 17 May 2017

USS Knox Class Modern US Naval 1/3000th NAvwar

Having completed the Spruance, Arleigh Burke, Ohio , Los Angeles, Ticonderoga ships and now the Knox Class ships from the NAvwar Modern USA fleet pack, I am left with 2 Oliver Hazard ships, the Cimarron Oiler, USS Tarawa and the CV Nimitz. I hoping to pick up some aircraft from ebay in the next week or so so I can decorate the helo flight decks and install a few aircraft on the Nimitz too. In the meantime, here are the Knox class ships..

Knox class frigates
The Nimitz is underway but waiting for my masking tape to resurface so I can complete the deck markings. Given she is the oldest serving US carrier I can't imagine she'll be around for much longer.
Nimitz in preparation

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