Wednesday, 31 May 2017

US Modern Naval 1/3000 Warships Navwar

In an uncharacteristic display of focused activity, I've managed to finish something that I've started.
Now I've got a method sorted for painting these little ships I did the Soviets en masse. In addition to completing the US fleet with the Tarawa, Nimitz and Cimarron (all now retired I think) there's a brace of Bunker Hills.

Tarawa -  awaiting deck markings

So the Tarawa is more or less finished. I need to  complete the deck markings once I've found my masking tape, although the helicopter landing circles might be better as decals. I've no idea whether I can find some in my spares as it seems no-one does markings for them. After that I'd like to pop some helos on deck.

Nimitz CV

I gave the deck markings on the Nimitz a fiar bash but I wasn't happy with the results so this to is waiting for masking tape, decals and some aircraft to clutter the decks up. I picked a parcel including some S3A Vikings (one of my favourite jets), so in the future I'll get  6 of these separated from their bases and plopped onto the deck.

 the Cimarron will work with my fleet as a supply unit. I suspect this is  retired too, although there is a 'stretched' Cimarron that might be fun to have. You can see the wonky hand painted helo deck. I'm struggling as to how noone has picked up on the potential sales opportunity!

Bunker Hill Class
 The Bunker Hills are the last of my US fleet until I can find a supplier of the more recent classes, I will need to buy a few packs of helos and aircraft to finish the fleet off. I will start a new blog section on the right hand side of the page as I've also picked up some 1/2000 Ancient ships by Navwar, some Napoleonic ships by Navwar and Langton,some 1/2000 ACW ships by Navwar and a mixture of WW2 stuff.

Thanks for looking.

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