Friday, 23 June 2017

1/300 - 6mm Middle Eastern Fort

Far away in the mists of time I found three Middle Eastern buildings which looked ideal for 1/300 / 6mm gaming. A few years ago I got round to grafting them onto polystyrene hill pieces and there they they languished long enough to gather a few millimetres of dust. With a new found enthusiasm to tidy up and make sense of the chaos in the loft, I've finally finished one of the buildings which I guess I can use for Iberia, Sicily, North Africa and anywhere else with Islamic influence.

At present, in this scale, I have modern Iraqi, Syrian and Jordanian forces, or Napoleonic Ottomans that might fit period-wise. If anyone out there knows where this building is really from - I'd love to hear :)


  1. Excellent little building,and nicely presented. BB

    1. Thank you Paul, as is usual for me it was a bit of an experiment and I hope to make some improvements with the next one. Cheers.