Wednesday, 31 May 2017

USSR modern naval ships Navwar 1/3000

I really enjoyed painting these as I like the look of the brick red decks. There are 4 x Udaloy class ships, 3 x Sovremenny, 2 x Krivak 3, one Slava and one Kirov. I realise some of these are retired now or in service with smaller navies or  home built copies but I will be searching out some more modern Soviet ships in the future.


Not a great picture but it looks like one hell of a warship. I will find a Helix or similar to decorate the helo deck and  perhaps some hull numbers too.

krivak 3

I wonder if any of the Krivaks are still serving? These are the III model used by the KGB.


Damn! Just realised I need to do the base edges! So disorganised... Any way , these are the Sovremenny Class, I'm sure some of these are still in service somewhere.

Udaloy Class

The last of my Soviet fleet for the time being, these Udaloys already have helos cast onto the decks. I will try and find my  punch and die set and make some rotor discs for them. hopefully it won't be too long before I get to play them and then I'll add some battle reports.

Thanks for looking.

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