Thursday, 4 May 2017

Sopwith Camels - Vickers FE 2b 1/300th 6mm

I don't know about you but I'm a massive procrastinator. And what better way to put off finishing a project than to start a new one. This might go some way to explain the obscene stash of kits and figures and the habit of starting new hobbies just as the old ones are getting somewhere.

After nearly five years of therapy I seem to be getting somewhere. Occasionally I feel able to finish something without a deadline being imposed from external sources, at least aside from the impending deadline of death which is probably the main motivator behind my current impetus to work; so I've been pootling around the loft looking for orphan projects to complete.

Some time ago I played a series of Blue Max games, started a pilot roster and decided I wanted to replace the card tokens with models. I must have picked up a small force of Irregular Miniatures aircraft for British and German forces and painted up a couple of them. I haven't played Blue Max in a long while and I might never do so again but in the intervening years I've painted up Italian and Austrian forces for WW1 in 6mm and still have a pile of French and German forces in 20mm and a small but much loved force of 20mm Turks and Allied Arabs for Palestine.

Anyway, here are a couple of pics of my Camels and Gunbuses. It will be a long time before I pursue this particular project any further s there are  20mm Napoleonic, 28mm fantasy and 1/3000th modern naval figures covering my work-desk, the spare bed and the  coffee table. Apologies to my long suffering wife - may she be rewarded in the next life - because it's unlikely I'll change during this one. :)

irregular miniatures Sopwith Camel 6mm

Irregular Miniatures Vickers FE 2B

Note the tricycle undercarriage on the model, it would seem the forward wheel was often removed in service. There are much more realistic and attractive schemes than the one I have used.

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