Thursday, 4 May 2017

1/300th Modern Aircraft Soviet and Non-nato

Long ago and far away in the distance of time and space I lived in Edinburgh. As a naive 20 something I found myself in wargames show no doubt arranged by the local club. I remember a large bearded chap selling me some Soviet Micro-modern  rocket launchers as I fondled a Soviet attack helicopter, insisting with all the arrogance of youth that despite  the manufacturer telling me what it was, it was in fact something different! Of course I was wrong and I am reminded of  the gentleman's patience with this foolish youth. No doubt he knew that the customer is always right especially if they are determined to part with their cash. Given the locale I suspected it was  Scotia Micromodels from whom I purchased my Kamov KA 50 but I cannot find either the rocket launchers or the Kamov on their site. Perhaps it was Heroics and Ros,  perhaps I will never find out. So here are some of my fairly old modern aircraft all of which would benefit from a repaint:

Ka 50
 I think these would benefit from a spray primer and using an airbrush for the camo, Brushwork just looks untidy when you're cack-handed and working too quickly.

One of my first modern aircraft - Hind D
I think this is wearing the colours of an Angolan Hind for my forces in  Southwest Africa


MiG 25s are a pain to catch and make  good top cover deterrents for my Soviet forces- which is why I've got two...

another foxbat

I didn't know what to do with my Skyhawk; thank goodness for the Falklands conflict though I don't ever imagine wanting to refight it.

Mig 21
An Iraqi mig,perhaps  suitable for the Iran-Iraq conflict, but unlikely ever to see action on my table.

Mig 23
 Might have been more useful to paint this up a Syrian given the current shenanigans in the Middle east.

mig 23

And another example in Cuban colours

Mig 21
 And a Cuban  MiG, what-if  the cuban missile crisis had gone extra hot?

Yak 28L
I can't find any evidence of this aircraft being supplied to Syria  or any of the Arab league. I wonder what I was thinking of. Now obsolete, I wonder who should get ownership of this?

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