Saturday, 17 May 2014

A few old models 1/72

Just posted up some of my old aircraft models -

Airfix Gnat - built for one of the aircraft magazines, probably Scale Aircraft Modelling International.

  ACA 5 M  by Unicraft

I had a little extra fun on the ACA 5 -  hollowing out the cockpit area  enough to fit a pilot and instruments. I used a fair bit of filler to fair the wings in and made a bit of a mess trying to line up the exhaust ports by eye. decals from an ancient Esci sheet I think.

BvP213  by Unicraft

After detailing up the cockpit and undercarriage wells, the BV had a  short section of aluminium pipe cut to make the jet pipe, and the engine shroud at the rear was wrapped in aluminium  aircraft repair tape  (at least  that's what they said it was for).

KHAI-3 by Unicraft

Super-fun here adding pushrods and pipes to the radial engine. The canopies are not easy to fair into the fuselages as they are very fine and quite flexible.

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