Tuesday, 20 May 2014

15mm Chasseurs D'afrique

With no particular plan I find myself assembling units from both the Republican and pre-Republican armies of the Franco Prussian Conflict. I expect these will also see action in the Crimea , Italy and possibly North Africa. Although at first I couldn't find any pics to justify it, I gave the standard bearer a cravat as I was feeling glum and needed to sheer myself up! Not long after I found  a pic showing the cravat. The figures are by Essex from whom I also copied the paint scheme. Lazy me, I didn't realise I had the Ospreys for the French which show gold cuff lace for brigadiers and black cuff piping for a sous-leutenent, but what about the other ranks? Collars should be yellow it seems, so I have a few corrections to make.

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