Thursday, 6 June 2013

Dinosaur Excavation

Built this little dio in 1/72 for Bennos figures forum.  The theme was 'I met a monster', so I had a think and came up with the idea of  some children seeing their first dinosaur. Set in the 50's or 60's USA, our children and their carer, take a trip out into the desert to see the excavation....

Here's the whole scene; see if you can spot the fossils!

This shot shows the assistant as he takes a break from clearing away the spoil.  He comes from a Noch set of workmen. A couple of metres to his right is a  much smaller relative from the Prieser animals set.

Here's the supervisor explaining something about 'Mr Apatosaur' to the visitors.  'Mr Apatosaur was very big for his time, even compared to his friends!' (He's a little over 1/72 but I'm not up to sculpting dinosaurs yet). The Supervisor is a Prieser US WW2 mechanic.