Sunday, 10 June 2012

German Medieval DBA

Got a competition on at the end of June and hoping to get three German Medieval armies ready for me and my posse. That's assuming the fella from Lancashire  Games gets the order to me in time. Whilst I'm waiting I thought I'd get cracking on my Landsknecht Pike.

:) Confirmed the order with Lancashire Games on Monday and received them Wednesday morning, can't speak highly enough of this supplier. I've spent the day  filing my  gothic Knights but with a mate coming over on the weekend for a practice game I'd better get a move on.

Managed to patch together an Med. German army from assorted late medieval stuff I had sitting around. The game went well  but the Medieval Germans may be the most tedious army ever to fight. Definitely defensive, formed around a  BUA garrisoned by artillery. The real weakness  is  with the war wagons which are very sensitive to artillery fire!

19/06/12 Finally got them all undercoated today but I need to start painting soon! Now distracted in a search for Roman troops for the PAWS Summer Comp in Portsmouth on the 7th July.

Enjoyed the comp at Sussex Shield Chichester. Didn't get as much painted as I would have liked but here are the guys all lined up for a post battle memorial service!

Still have handgunners to crew the wagons, Landsknecht Pike, Arquebusiers and Artillery to finish. Volunteers from my Late Burgundian army filled in for them for the competition.

Just got back from Alton comp ( March 23rd 2013 ) . Had plenty of good fights with two identical pairs of Med Germans  IV 15d. -  4 Pike inc General, 2 Warwagons, 2 double based knights, 1 normal Knight, 1 Psiloi,  1 Artillery and 1 Cavalry.  Being the defender allowed me to avoid the enemy artillery although I hemmed myself in with a gentle hill that I kept thinking was a wood! My dice started off good but deteriorated over the day. The most consistent weakness was my deployment - I had no plan - and my army was soon broken up as I tried to firefight everywhere.  despite some great dice  and some rotten timing the general takes the blame.

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