Friday, 18 May 2018

Loft relics - revisited - Heller CR 714 , BO105 , Pitts Special

Another trio of forgotten models, due for some care and attention.

Heller's CR714  has been fading slowly for the last 12 years , sitting in a loft window. Without the bright marking to distract , it's quite obvious how awful the hairy stick paint job is. My first use of life Color paints, I really should have used the airbrush. So  a replacement CR714 is around a tenner :(
My how things have changed. I'll have to repaint this as I can't justify the expense otherwise! Let's hope I've got some spare decals in the stash, or it'll be more cash.

I think this is the Italeri Bo105 done in an Israeli scheme. I took out the door windows as per my references. This is really another for the wargames pile.

Sadly, this Pitts (painted by hand during a guard duty in 1991) is showing its age. Time to sand back and completely re-finish - I'll need to source a new scheme and decal set.

Just ordered the AZ model Pitts S2A with Toyota and Microlease decals  - That'll give me a spare set of decals for this one. Buying a replacement Rothmans was just too expensive!

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