Saturday, 3 June 2017

Polish Submarine Class Orzel and Wilke - navwar 1/3000

The Orzel (eagle)  Class subs saw some service during WW2 with the British and having found a great online history of the Polish naval forces during  the war, I'm quite keen to get some British ships so I can play some of the battles. By far the smallest 1/3000 boats I've painted so far (not including the 1/10,000 scale Jutland fleet I abandoned years ago) I have some trouble telling  front from back!

 I also squeezed in three Wilke Class subs which I think were used for mine-laying amongst other duties. 

Between them the Polish subs seem to have had mixed fortunes, one at least sadly lost to a British minefield laid on its route after it had left port. Sounds like one hand didn't know what the other was doing! Even this sad event can be replicated in the rules I use as patches of 'difficult' and often dangerous terrain can be discovered and stumbled into.  Some Jasolka class minelayers are next up, so thanks for looking. ;)

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