Thursday, 4 May 2017

wurttemburg Uhlans 15mm Principles of War

A couple of years ago  I bought a selection of  figures for the various Franco-Prussian and Austro-Italian wars. I remember the artillery teams from Outpost were excellent value, and I may well have bought a few more of their figure besides. Also I remember acquiring a  few battle packs from Lancashire Games. So there are two possible sources for  these - my  Wurttemburg Uhlans. Perhaps they were intended to be Saxons, I can't remember since despite a well intentioned attempt to get them cleaned up, and undercoated on painting strips it has been far too long before I settled down to paint them and forgot to write what they were supposed to be. Remembering the struggle  to get the Wurtemburg Flags I ordered from ORF so many years ago ( unsuccesfully). Perhaps I am ready to give them another chance. If my current order comes through I will try again for the flags but I'm aware how very much I avoided QRF (despite their many attractive products) after one less than perfect experience. If all goes well I hope to have some 'Precinct 9' style Buffel and Prawn sci fi conflicts plus some nice looking dinosaurs in 15mm for  my hapless victims  friends to discover waiting in ambush. Vietnam '69 will never be the same....

Anyhow, enough nonsense; here are my as yet unflagged Wurttemburger Uhlans. These will go to the POW section  on the right of this page once they are finished.

Thanks for looking :)

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