Thursday, 4 May 2017

1/300 micro modern NATO aircraft plus Israeli

Not technically NATO but an ex-USA aircraft, I painted this F14  as the IRAF version.

I guess this is obsolete by now. I don't imagine I'll ever get round to building forces for Iran.

I think these Israeli F15s are also unlikely to support a ground offensive. I might re-badge these for the USA.

Somewhere I managed to find the US were still using these ( might have been ten years ago though) I decided i couldn't do without the refualling probe so i scratched one up plus some fual tanks and an AA missile on the starboard wing.

I think an F14 in the older scheme would look better but then I wouldn't be able to play 'Blair's Desert Adventure' with it. And for added ground support...

Now entirely obsolete, this was still carefully guarded high-tech when I painted this F-111 up.

Harier GR mk3
Something to keep my Argentinian A4 Skyhawk busy.

More obsolete stuff, but I guess handy if i want to go back and refight the old Cold War. Two luftwaffe F4s.

That's all for  my modern aircarft -  thanks for looking :)

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