Wednesday, 3 June 2015

The Scene Scifi Assault Hovercraft

Bought these two hovercraft from The Scene last year. I've been sent a pile of  stowage to paint including some radars so I thought I'd try fitting a radar to one of the hovercraft as a command / scout vehicle. Mike was kind enough to throw in some mg mounts so I could give these units some visible weaponry.

My first job was to hide the join between the hulls and the skirts. I used different methods on each vehicle since they could easily have different mods for their different roles - I gave the assault team carrier a heavier, reinforced channel to better withstand the wear and tear of men climbing in and out. The command/ scout got a big GSR unit high up on the roof so they could spot from a hull down position. I considered giving them a satellite dish style radar too so they could communicate with airborne or space borne command centres but thought better of it.

I added some tread plate so the crew wouldn't slip so much on a wet surface when using the forward hatches and applied some textured paint to the tops of the skirts to make it easier to carry out inspections walking around the vehicles. A couple of steps were provided from copper wire to help to crew up onto the roof and I was done with modifying. There would be room for some stowage on the rear roof to be added after painting.

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