Wednesday, 8 April 2015

15mm Ammo Boxes

Just finished these ammo boxes  some for Mike at The Scene, the rest to adorn my vehicles :).
 There are two sizes- the smaller ones are good for 15mm,  The larger ones will make  good ammo boxes for heavy weapons and could also be used for larger scales. I painted  them in various colours, mostly as I remember them in  the 90's and a few painted for use as tool boxes, fire and medical boxes.

With some GZG seated figures to show scale.


  1. This was very interesting to view. But no comments! Is this blog now finished and none active? Greetings from Fiddlewood BB

  2. No- I don't get many comments , but thank you for yours. I've been studying hard so less painting and the stuff I have painted -I forgot to photo. But I will be back to painting in a month or so. Lots of projects waiting :)