Monday, 27 October 2014

Prussian Hussars 15mm Franco Prussian Wars

Just finished  four  regiments of hussars for use with PoW rules for the 19th century. I think that's all the Hussars I need for a Corp plus attached Cavalry division. The majority are either Lancashire or Outpost troopers; all the officers etc. are probably Essex and thus a little bigger.

I would like to say I had fun painting the edging around the shabraques, thirty white triangles followed by thirty coloured triangles for each figure, but I can't.

 It wasn't fun.
Where are the painting nanobots I dream of?

1st Leib Regt. of  Hussars

Somehow this shot has  highlighted the difference in size, they don't look that bad - honest :)

2st Leib Regt of Hussars 1870

I chose the 1st and 2nd Leib regiments because they're black, mostly, and arguably 'elite'. Same goes for the next regiment -  the 3rd (Brandenburg) regiment which performed well in combat and adds a bit of colour to the sea of dark blue uniforms.

3rd Regt Brandenburg Hussars
Last but not least are the hussars of the 5th Regiment (Pomeranian). These are  dressed in madder dolmans; I checked out several shades of madder and couldn't really decide which  shade to go for. If you think its a way off, you can let me know.

5th Regt hussars ( Pomeranian)

So there we go, twenty four figures with sixty triangles a piece.... I make that.....

... a lot of triangles.


  1. Awesome painting and basing! marvelous!

  2. Thanks Phil, though I much prefer your basing style. I struggle with every project, sometimes every unit, to keep the basing consistent. I've finally found something simple enough that I can't forget how I did it!